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As an AMA member, you’ll get unlimited access to our vast members-only resources, tools and content such as white papers, best practices, and research reports written by the most respected names in the industry.  Resources include:

  • Member-Only Content, explore the hundreds of the latest articles and research by topic, including white papers and best practices, plus an extensive archive.
  • AMA Marketer’s Toolkit, full of interactive templates, tools, and resources to help you in your job.
  • Webcasts and podcasts, get access to over 100 on-demand webcasts and podcasts on the latest marketing topics.
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With your membership, you will also get the following benefits:

  • Significant discounts on all national and local AMA events.
  • A subscription to Marketing News and another publication (specialty magazine or journal) of your choice.  Learn More about AMA publications.
  • Access to hundreds of marketing job postings, career tips and strategies, interview and resume guidelines, ask the expert panel, and more.
  • 30% off the Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) program.  The PCM program gives you a tangible way to enhance your marketing skills, as well as highlight your accomplishments for prospective employers. You can earn the PCM designation by passing a comprehensive online exam covering the key areas of marketing.


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